Bullet Rush – The Multiplayer FPS (First Person Shooter)

designed for touch controls is coming to the AppStore for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.


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“Crisp gorgeous graphics. Fast paced game mode and tightly designed maps kept the action flowing.”Minh “Gooseman” Le, Creator of Counter-Strike

“It was about time to get a real multiplayer FPS on touch!” – Kevin L.

“Finally a competitive First Person Shooter designed and that works on my iPhone & iPad, opening the door for e-sport on mobile”. Hubert T.

HELSINKI, FINLAND – Slush Conference - November 19, 2014

Bullet Rush – The Multiplayer FPS designed for touch and optimized for iOS 8 is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD on the Apple App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch in all countries and in 15 languages.

Bullet Rush is the latest title by Cmune, creators of the indie hit UberStrike, the online multiplayer shooter with over 25 million players.

In Bullet Rush, your masked mercenary is battling it out in a team or on his own against everyone else in bit-sized shoot-outs on tight maps. Each match lasts 3 minutes or as soon as all opponents are defeated. Bullet Rush’s first modes are Elimination, either Last Man Standing or Last Team Standing: 2v2, 2v2v2 and a classic 3v3 – in which all opponents need to be eliminated for a match to be won. At the end of each match, you earn XPs, cash and medals to improve your rank and unlock or upgrade weapons.

Innovative touch control

Making a multiplayer shooter for mobile is not easy, and controls are key. Bullet Rush features an innovative “Aim & Shoot” touch control, with weapon auto-shooting when the opponent is at range and on target. “Weapons in Bullet Rush are easy to learn, hard to master precision control devices. Seasoned players can also use manual shooting for a more realistic experience” – says Ludovic Bodin, Bullet Rush Game Lead and CEO of Cmune. This opens the door to e-Sport on mobile.

Fair and competitive gameplay

Cash earned in the game by eliminating opponents and winning matches is used to buy, upgrade and master new weapons. Players can also receive weapons from friends as free gifts.Players level up and unlock over 25 realistic weapons to better dominate opponents including classics such as AK47, AWP, SPAS, Desert Eagle, Katana, ecc. Weapon Points allow players to upgrade their favorite weapons with enhanced stats & unique camouflage skins. Over 250 weapon upgrades are available out of 5 classes: sniper, machine gun, handgun melee and shotgun.

Your Mercenary Career

Bullet Rush offers a

rewarding progression system based on the acclaimed ELO (medal) system; horizontal and vertical upgrades of their weaponry, multiple maps environment ranging currently from Tarmac, Warehouse & Sandtown (new maps introduced regularly) with dynamic weather conditions to wield and master in order to rank up in the world and local leaderboards.

No matter if you are a hardcore FPS player or new to the genre, Bullet Rush offers bite-sized doses of adrenaline. Tutorials, spectating top players and an auto-recording video built-in will help master your game.

For more advanced players, Bullet Rush has a progression of Daily Missions, over 500 Career Objectives & Challenges – and Weekly Tournaments to let you decide which skills you improve first and get rewards in cash accordingly.

“Who could have imagined until now such as fast multiplayer FPS game on mobile? Hat on Cmune & the Bullet Rush team!” – David H.

“Cmune, with Bullet Rush, nailed down the control for FPS on touch: very intuitive and accessible from new players to pro” – Charles H.

Bullet Rush – The Multiplayer FPS is available worldwide as of November 19, 2014, free of charge. The App is available in 15 languages on the Apple AppStore or at www.itunes.com/appstore . All of this made with Unity3D in under 100 MB

without any additional download.

About CMUNE:

Cmune re-imagines multiplayer action games for touch devices.

Based in Beijing, Hong Kong & Berlin, with representation in San Francisco, Cmune is backed by Atomico (investor in Supercell & Rovio) and DCM – as well as a dozen mobile and gaming industry veterans. Cmune is an acclaimed international game developer behind games such as UberStrike, the #1 multiplayer FPS on browser with over 25M players.

Press Contact:

For more information or to schedule an interview with Ludovic Bodin – CEO, simply email:


For further information visit: http://www.cmune.com/bulletrush/

Note: Bullet Rush Global Launch Announcement is under embargo until November 19, 2014. Please do not publish it before this date.