Senior Game Developer
Senior 3D Artist
Senior Technical Artist

Senior Game Developer

• Minimum of 3+ years working as a lead engineer or equivalent
• At least one AAA title shipped in a lead role, ideally an FPS or MMO
• Excel at designing and implementing systems to support the game i.e animation, combat, AI, networking and physics
• You enjoy profiling and performance tuning code to remove bottlenecks
• Excellent skills in 3D math, trigonometry and linear algebra
• Have experience with multiplayer network architecture and protocol design
• You’ve used Unity3D, or another AAA engine on a shipping title
• A strong background in C / C++ and C#. Mono/.Net experience is ideal
• You are committed to code quality, documentation and effective testing procedures
• Enjoy playing and making games and have a good understand of what makes a game fun

Please email us a cover letter along with your resume and a work sample, including earliest start date.
hiring [at]

Senior 3D Artist

•Work on new concepts and techniques to improve the visual quality of the game
•Design, model and texture high quality hard surface models such as weapons & characters
•Create 3D assets from concept to finish
•Work closely with game designers, engineers and other artists to create, polish and finalize art assets

•Excellent modeling and texturing skills
•Excellent knowledge of current-gen techniques
•A good understanding of all technical aspects of 3D asset creation
•Good general knowledge of art theory (color, form, shape, composition, lighting etc)
•Good communication skills in English and the ability to work in a team
•Self motivator and an independent problem solver
•A passion for art and video games

•Experience with Unity3D
•Experience with Max or Modo
•Experience with ZBrush or MudBox
•Some experience with shaders and VFX

Please email us a cover letter along with your resume and portoflio, including earliest start date to hiring [at]

Senior Technical Artist

• Work on new concepts and techniques to improve the visual quality of the game, and make use of the strengths of the engine
• Solve complex shader and material issues across multiple platforms, and advanced use of the programmable pipeline for new effects
• Help to plan, develop, and maintain asset pipelines
• Train other artists to execute the art pipeline efficiently
• Ensure that all production art takes best advantage of the target platforms while staying within performance guidelines
• Participation in the overall development of the company
• Representation of the company toward third parties.

• Scripting or programming experience, ideally with Unity3d
• Strong interest in social mobile platforms such as IOS, Android, etc.
• Ability to familiarize with programs, technical concepts, ideas and problems very quickly
• Willingness to learn new tools and techniques, and adapt to a variety of software
• Ability to understand, identify and solve technical issues for tool development used in game production
• Strong working knowledge of Maya, Max and Photoshop
• Experience with modeling, texturing, animation and shading for games
• Excellent communication skills, with native or fluent english.
• Detail-oriented and able to multi-task

Please email us your resume and a work sample, including earliest start date to hiring [at]