Blue Box

Calling all Map Creators, Gamers & UberStrike fanatics!

Blue Box was first launched last year as a way for us to rapidly prototype maps, integrate feedback and ship out maps to our community quicker than ever before. Through it we’ve launched some of our most popular maps ever including CuberStrike, which has enjoyed over 5 million plays in the last month.

Today, we’re proud to open up the Blue Box Initiative to the public!

Map Creators
Rapidly prototype ideas and gain real world user feedback from millions of users.

Submit and discuss your ideas for maps in our dedicated subforum and gain feedback from the UberStrike community. Maps will be voted on and once a week the best ones will be pushed live to every UberStrike player.

Once approved, you have the opportunity to work with Cmune artists to fully texture your map, win prizes & be credited as an official content creator in the game.

Community Members
Help shape the future of UberStrike and get exclusive first looks at new content.

Participate in the Blue Box initiative by championing what you love. Want to see a map where you have to spring grenade between acid waterfalls while dodging killer whales? Probably not. But, help give invaluable feedback to Map Creators and see more of what you love in game.

How do I make a Blue Box map?

UberStrike is built on the cutting edge Unity3D engine. You can install it for free from the Unity3D website, then download the asset pack and get building.

Post up screenshots & videos to get feedback in the Blue Box forum and iterate on your design for the best chance of your map being selected to make it into UberStrike!

How do I submit my Blue Box map?
We’ve developed top secret technology which allows us to instantly receive your Blue Box map from your desktop straight to Cmune HQ. Just kidding – you can just email your project file to us ( along with your in game name.

What’s in it for me?
We’ll work with you to provide exclusive feedback and real time user stats to help improve your map. Once it’s been approved by the Blue Box committee you’ll be credited as an UberStrike content creator in game.

On top of that, we’re in the midle of working out some prizes to compensate contributors. Watch this space. (If you have any specific ideas on how we should do that, let us know)

Who is the Blue Box committee?
Cmune staff, UberStrike moderators & special guests.

Do I get creative input on how my map is textured?
Of course! You’ll work directly with Cmune artists to help texture the map in a creative direction you see fit.

I have an awesome idea but I’ve never made a map before. Can I participate?
You don’t have to be an experienced map maker to get started. We welcome people to submit concept art and ideas for discussion in the Blue Box dedicated subforum.

That wasn’t a question. But okay:

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